Julie Stavad – Kopper, 2016 – Color photogravure – Hahnemühle 300 gr. – 72 x 54 cm – Edition of 5 + 2 E.A. – Series of 3
Signed & numbered by the artist
Printed by Printer’s Proof
Commissioned by the Danish Arts Foundation

Julie Stavad, Kopper, color photogravure, intaglio, original print

Julie Stavad, ‘Kopper’, 2016

In her sculptural practice Julie Stavad takes interest in the relation between body and objects. Materiality and scale are the two components that form the core of her artistic research. A characteristic trait of her work is technical subtlety that contribute a conceptual tension to her oeuvre.

For her graphic project with Printer’s Proof she chose the photo based graphic technique of photogravure. Stavad used the photos of the clay mugs she herself designed to play with the objects’ size. By blowing up the dimensions of the photos in the production of the graphic plates she twisted the materialization of the objects’ potential function. Unable to attribute a function to those objects we choose to focus on the properties that the artist preferred to accentuate; the materiality of the objects – their softness, depths and their spectacular bright colors.

Julie Stavad signing her project for the Danish Arts Foundation, Statens Kunstfond

Julie Stavad (b. 1987) is represented by Charlotte Fogh Gallery, Aarhus, Denmark.