Johan Furåker’s work takes its starting point in life stories that seem stranger than life. To find his characters Furåker uses different sources. Encyclopaedias, popular culture or mass media can equally serve as the artist’s inspiration. When reconstructing his subjects’ life events Furåker is using the few remaining visual fragments to build a narrative that he presents as a suite of oils on canvas. Johan Furåker’s artistic practice becomes both the method and the means by which he reveals the lost fragments of his characters’ lives to the public. Presenting his small-format canvases as objects, leaning against the wall rather than hanging on it, his paintings acquire the status of archaeological artefacts retrieved after the artist’s long process of visual excavation.

Extravagance and excess

Johan Furåker’s line etching makes part of extensive artistic fact-finding he dedicated to Countess Luisa Casati. The Italian nobal woman used extravagance and excess as a way of immortalizing her own image. Casati’s efforts made her become the centre of artistic life in the early 20th century while she remains an important cultural icon also today.

Real-life escape

Furåker’s interest with the life of Luisa Casati as well as his more recent research in the theme of earthly paradises investigate the theme of human longing for beauty, happiness and eternal life. Furåker returns more times to the theme of a garden in his artistic practice. Garden as a microcosm where new worlds or rather real-life escapes could be made possible.

Johan Furåker, untitled, line etching, figurative art

Untitled, 2017

Johan Furåker – Untitled, 2017 – Line etching – Hahnemühle 350 gr. – 34 x 27 cm – Edition of 20
Signed & numbered by the artist
Printed & published by Printer’s Proof
Price per piece € 215 incl. Danish VAT – Inquire

Johan Furåker examining trial print

Johan Furåker (b. 1978) is represented by Galleri Flach, Stockholm, Sweden.