Alexander Tillegreen – Untitled, 2019 – Aquatint etching– Somerset 300 gr. – 76 x 56 cm – Edition of 12
Printed & published by Printer’s Proof

Alexander Tillegreen, untitled, aquatint etching, print

Alexander Tillegreen, Untitled, 2019

Alexander Tillegreen is an MFA graduate from The Städelschule Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Frankfurt am Main, Germany and The Cooper Union School of Art, New York, NY, USA.

He is currently conducting research on auditory illusions in collaboration with scientists at the Max Planck Institute of Empirical Aesthetics in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. As part of Tillegreen’s participation at The Bikuben Foundation’s studio programme, he has recently exhibited at Roskilde Festival, which is the largest and oldest music and arts festival in Scandinavia.

Phantom word illusions

Tillegreen’s work with sound penetrates the audiences’ subconsciousness playing tricks on our imagination. It is fed by our feelings and thoughts as well as our relationship with language. Auditory illusions, the so-called ‘phantom word illusions’ echo our minds while at the same time reflect the multilingual aspects of the global society.

Graphic partiture

Known not only for his sound installations and performances, but also for his paintings and graphic works Alexander Tillegreen has been working with our studio around a series of aquatint etchings. Those new works in intaglio move in the space between the abstract and the figurative investigating the idea of space and sound evolving together into a form for a graphic partiture.

Alexander Tillegreen

Alexander Tillegreen (b. 1991) has graduated from The Cooper Union School of Art, New York, and Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Kunst Städelschule, Frankfurt.