Printer's Proof - the intaglio print studio Photo: Erin Lawlor


Printers Proof is a publishing house and intaglio print studio founded in 2013 by Master Printer Kell Johan Frimor and Art Historian Olga Zolin.

Our print studio started its endeavour in a small 40m2 cellar. However, our ambition to make experimental and innovative graphics with the best contemporary artists led us to look for better and bigger premises.

When the opportunity came, we moved to an old workshop in Valby, the South Eastern district of Copenhagen. We could not have dreamt of a more perfect space. The craftsmans town, which was designed by Danish architect Ole Vinter in 1953, became an example for the design of industrial areas for minor industries in Denmark after World War II.

Printers Proofs move to the new premises in 2014 gave us the opportunity to realise our vision. In the last five years, we have published works by more than 20 leading Danish and international contemporary artists. These include Anette Harboe Flensburg, Ruth Campau, Nicolai Howalt, Morten Buch, and Erin Lawlor.


Our print studio’s expertise includes all the spectra of techniques in practice in contemporary printmaking. Along with intaglio, we also work with wood- and linocut, as well as photogravure. Our aim is to use traditional techniques in innovative and experimental ways. All our editions are printed solely by hand.


The Proof is in the Prints (in English)

Interview on Artland.com   (in English)

Article on Magasinet Kunst online  (in Danish)

  • To visit the print studio and browse through our artists portfolio please contact (+45) 3132 7253 or olga@printers-proof.dk
  • To book a lecture or a workshop with us: info@printers-proof.dk
  • Email us at kell@printers-proof.dk or call (+45) 3132 7253 to work together

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Sincerely yours,

Kell Johan Frimor
Master Printer

Olga Zolin
Studio Director