Photo: Erin Lawlor

Printer’s Proof is an intaglio print studio and publisher of fine art limited edition prints that was founded in 2013 by Master Printer Kell Johan Frimor and Art Historian Olga Zolin.

We began working as a print workshop but almost immediately started publishing our own editions. The work on John Kenn Mortensen’s portfolio of five etchings Fly on a Stick started already in February 2014.

Printer’s Proof adheres to ‘old school’ intaglio print studios. We work with classical techniques and use only the finest quality papers and inks when printing the artists’ limited fine art printmaking projects. All of our editions are printed by hand.

Our print studio’s expertise includes all of the spectra of techniques in practice in contemporary fine art printmaking. Along with intaglio, we work also with wood and linocut, as well as with photogravure.

We continue to work as a print workshop however the list of artists who work with us by invitation is constantly growing. Our aim is to offer artists new ways to explore and express their ideas.


Sincerely yours,

Kell Johan Frimor
Master Printer

Olga Zolin
Studio Director