Nicolai Howalt

Often unfolding the work’s narrative in a series Nicolai Howalt’s oeuvre is marked by absence of a decisive moment, which allows the artist to build a complex psychological narrative. What is characteristic of his most recent graphic work is the realm of non place. The central element of the work unfolds in an undefined space lacking all references to any time frame. It is hard to say if the object flows towards you or away from you.

Researching the material qualities of Mendeleev’s periodical table’s elements Howalt made a specific use of the printmaking media for the realisation of the current work. This combined technique of photogravure and photo etching oscillates between photography and printmaking, acquiring by means of the fusion of the two medias a new material sensitivity.

Nicolai Howalt (b. 1970) is represented by Martin Asbæk Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark and Bruce Silverstein Gallery, New York, US.


Nicolai Howalt – Gold 79Au #1, 2016 – Photogravure  & photo etching – Hahnemühle  300 gr. – 59 x 47 cm – Edition of 18
Printed & published by Printer’s Proof

Price per piece € 740 incl. Danish VAT
Prices and availability subject to change