Mathias M. Mortensen

In his work Mathias Malling Mortensen plays with the delicate tension between two and three-dimensionality. The work balances on a thin line where the flat surface of a canvas or a paper sheet acquire depth. Preliminarily drafts are always the starting point of Malling Mortensen’s work in which he however seeks to achieve a sense of spontaneity.

Mathias Malling Mortensen (b. 1980) is represented by Sunday-S Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark.








Mathias Malling Mortensen – Untitled, 2017 – Monotype on canvas – 35 x 50 cm/ 50 x 35 cm – Series of 12 unique prints
Printed & published by Printer’s Proof

Price per piece € 675 incl. Danish VAT
Prices and availability subject to change