Jóhan M. Christiansen

Jóhan Martin Christiansen (b. 1987), a Malmö Academy graduate, is an installation artist who works both with found objects as well as with hand made plaster casts and stitched together, dyed fabrics. Christiansen’s installations interact between each other acquiring their specific meaning from the context in which they are orchestrated.

His idea based artistic practice characterizes also his work with traditional printmaking techniques. Composing his image he decomposes the subject of his “representation” abandoning the initial object of his inspiration in favor of an abstract composition that triggers the spectator’s emotional response. As if trying to transcend the two-dimensionality of the printing media his energetic compositions attempt to invade the reality of the spectator.





Jóhan Martin Christiansen – Repeated Passages. Hidden Faces, 2015 – Etching, sugar lift & spit bite aquatint – Hahnemühle 350 gr. – 54 x 39 cm – Edition of 10 – Series of 2
Printed & published by Printer’s Proof

Price per piece € 235 ex. VAT
Prices and availability subject to change